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    Creator of the CSLA .NET framework

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CSLA .NET Version 2.1 Handbook



CSLA .NET version 2.1 includes many enhancements over version 2.0, including:

  • Improved validation
    • Better performance, less memory consumption
    • Validation rule severity
    • Ability to short-circuit rule processing
  • Improved authorization
    • Better performance, less memory consumption
  • New FilteredBindingList to filter collections
  • New EditableRootListBase to provide a dynamically updatable collection
  • Support for paging and sorting collections from web pages
  • New interfaces for easier creation of Windows Forms UI frameworks
  • and more...

The CSLA .NET Version 2.1 Handbook is your guide to these enhancements. This ~150 page ebook covers the changes to the CSLA .NET framework itself, and shows how you can use these enhancements when building your business applications.

Get the book at

Download the code from the CSLA .NET download page.


(Updated 1/26/2007)